Traditional Celtic Music:  The phrase “celtic music” has many different meanings to many different people. At it’s core, “celtic music’ could be defined as the traditional music of the Celts who settled in Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, Wales, Galacia, Brittany, Nova Scotia, and the Isle of Man. But during the last thirty years or so the term “celtic music” has undergone a transformation.

Traditional Celtic Music

Thirty years ago, “celtic music” referred almost exclusively to the traditional music of Ireland. The now-dormant website Ceolas defines “celtic music” in terms of their website as traditional Irish and Scottish music. They make the supposition that most Celtic musicians are bound to play those styles of music if they play traditional Celtic music no matter where they are from.

We are bringing a “TRAD” Tent to the Highland Games this year, to support this traditional celtic music.  In our first year of doing so, we are happy to bring you BRIGID’S CROSS (at 9:15 am, and again at 2:45 pm) and COLIN FARRELL (at 10:30 am and again at 1:30 pm).  Please come out and enjoy this great music!