Piping Recital Stuart Liddell

We are proud to announce that Stuart Liddell, Pipe Major of Inverary & District Pipe Band, Scotland, and one of the world’s most exciting pipers, is coming back to Dunedin this year for a return visit!  We brought him to our Dunedin Scottish Arts Foundation Hall last year on the afternoon of the Pipe Band Parade downtown for a recital.  It was very well attended and Stuart was terrific.  We all learned from him and listened to his talent.

He then served as one of our judges for the Piping competitions the next day at the Dunedin Highland Games!

Stuart Liddell won the Grade 1 Piper in the World Competitions in Glasgow, Scotland in August 2017.  His band, the Inverary District and

We are lucky enough to have Stuart return to us for another recital, and judge of our Games.  If you are a piper, you will not want to miss it.  If you are lover of bagpipes, you will not want to miss it.  If you are a supporter of the Scottish Arts, you will not want to miss this!

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