Clans for 2017 Games

We have 33 Clans & Societies have registered for the 2017 Dunedin Highland Games!  THANK YOU ALL!  We hope you have a great time in Clan Village!

We welcome back Clan Hay as our Honorary Clan from 2016.

Campbell Society Clan MacLellan Clan
Davidson Society Clan MacLennan Clan
Donnachaidh Society Clan MacNeill Clan
Douglas Clan Maxwell Society Clan
Elliot Society USA Clan McEwan Clan
Farquharson Clan McFarlane Clan
Graham Clan McPherson Association Clan
Gunn Clan Murray Clan
Hay Clan New World Celts Dunedin
Hope of Craighall Clan New World Celts International
House of Gordon Pollock International Clan
Irwin Clan Scottish American Military Society
Kennedy Society of North America Scottish American Society of Dunedin
Mac Innes Clan St Andrews Society of Tampa Bay
MacDonald Clan Wallace Society Clan
MacDougall Clan Wood Society Clan
MacLean Clan