Clan Chieftain of the Games

We are proud to announce the 2017 Honorary Clan Chieftain of the Day will be Alan McHale.  Alan is the President of the Dunedin Scottish Arts Foundation, and has led the group since 2013.  Alan was born and lived in Scotland until he emigrated to the USA in 2001.  He is devoted to the Scottish programs in Dunedin and has brought many new ideas and growth to Scottish Arts of Dunedin, including leasing the DSAF’s first home on Douglas Avenue in Dunedin.


Former Chieftains of the Day:

2016-Dr. Mark McCutcheon

2015-Provost Mike Robbins, Stirling, Scotland

2014-Chris Chmura

2013-Bob Pierson

2012-Ken Giesow

2011-BJ Sammon

2010-Provost Fergus Wood, Stirling, Scotland

2009-Dee Stultz

2008-Provost Basil Stewart, PEI, Canada

2007-Sam Marchand

2006-John Doglione

2005-Provost Colin O’Brien, Stirling, Scotland

2004-Thomas Abrass

2003-Gus Cooper

2002-Provost Basil Stewart, PEI, Canada

2001-Provost Tommy Brooks, Stirling, Scotland

2000-Sandy & Mary Keith

1999-James Fraser

1998-Tom Anderson

1997-Provost John Paterson, Stirling, Scotland

1996-Harry Gross

1995-Alex Cruickshanks

1994-Provost Pat Greenhill, Stirling, Scotland

1993-Keith Baucom

1992-Alex McColl

1991-Manny Koutsourias & Ian Wyles (Stirling Provost)

1990-Margaret Brisley

1989-Alex McColl

1988-John Hendry

1987-Mary Bonner

1986-Ian Wyles

1985-William J Allen

1984-Norman MacEwan

1983-Michael Blirakis

1982-Francis Freeman

1981-George Robertson

1980-Bill Palmer

1979-George McGregor (1st Chieftain)

None were appointed from 1967 thru 1978