Border Collies

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Sheepdog Herding demonstrations at the 2017 Dunedin Highland Games

Craigmalloch Border Collies Grant-Valkaria Florida
Stuart and Lucia bring to life their love of the Border Collie and sheep herding to audiences all over Florida and beyond. They live in Grant-Valkaria Florida where they have a small flock of Scottish Blackface Sheep and Horned Dorsett Sheep. These sheep are rare in Florida. They do herding demonstrations to educate and entertain. Their focus is promotion and betterment of the working Border Collie through education and diligent and responsible breeding. These brilliant dogs along with their unusual and impressive colleagues, the sheep, put on a show that will charm and inform and expose the average individual to something the might normally would not see…. sheep herding.
Stuart was born in southwestern Scotland and has been in the US for about 14 years. He was raised on a sheep farm and the name Craigmalloch relates to the farm in the Southwest of Scotland where Stuart grew up working Border Collies and sheep. Stuart rekindled his interest here in the US and began to compete with his dogs. Stuart, true to his heritage, makes unique shepherd’s crooks, a tool that shepherds use almost universally and has a certificate in sheep shearing, which comes in handy!
craigmalloch logoLucia, a city girl, found her love of animals great and small, was too great to resist. She was fascinated by the Border Collie, how much it gave how little it asked in return. With the arrival of her first Border Collie pup,  she pulled her boots on and learned the ropes as a serious competitor in sheep herding and dog trainer and accepted the challenge of caring for and nurturing these animals with Stuart.
Together their dynamic presentations elicit delight in the faces of children and fascination in adults.
From ancient times shepherds have tended their flocks. In many countries throughout the world, shepherds still tend their flocks daily…and the best do it with their trusty BORDER COLLIES!